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Shinies: CAD and Pellatarrum

Friday, June 10th, 2011
CAD art on the former Ryan's Steak House in SB

CAD on the former Ryan's Steak House in SB

South Bend folks: We have our very own Banksy, y’all. CAD is my new hero. I was going to grab a camera this weekend and go hunting for all the easter-egg stencil art tags I’ve been seeing around town, but s/he saved me the trouble. All it took was a quick search for the signature “CAD flower bomb” I’ve seen in a few places.  I just wish the locations were posted along with the pics, so I could watch for the ones I haven’t spotted yet when I’m out and about.

This – this is a thing that makes me happy.

Let’s be clear about this: I’m still no fan of D&D in any of its incarnations. However, a writer I quite like (Erin Palette of Curse/Or fame) has just published the first installment of her fantasy campaign setting in Claw/Claw/Bite magazine. Erin has posted previews of her Pellatarrum setting on Lurking Rhythmically, but I’m glad to see her RPG work paying off, too.

Go grab a copy of CCB if you can — issue 18 is on sale at RPG Now for $2.99 at the moment.

Also, if you haven’t been to her blog, you really should. Y’know, especially if you’re into “hot goth-girl beseeching action!” Or awesome modern mythic fiction. Or gaming. Or guns. Or Discordianism. Or sarcasm ++. Oh, hell, just go visit her already.

Dammit. I want those boots. So unfair.

Hello, deadline. Goodbye, deadline.

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Deadline day is done. Mostly. I’m home. I’m having a drink, and then, because I’m too, too nice on this, the third stupidest day of the year, I’m giving up a night of gaming to spend the evening helping a student fix her mess of a dissertation. Given my current grumpitude, maybe it’s for the best I’m staying in tonight.

And here I had been worrying that I might miss tonight because of the weather, which is actually sort of pleasant in that peculiar way only 35F can be, after a solid run of 20-something F days.

Welch’s mango twist juice makes an excellent base for vodka and triple sec, by the way.

An acceptable end to the week

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

After a monstrous week of meetings and Very Little Progress Made, I have to say, the end of the week managed to make up for a lot of it. We had a really lovely dinner with some friends on Thursday, using Will’s birthday (Apr. 3) as the prompt. There was much laughter and delicious food for all. Unfortunately we did miss fellow Saturday group player and celebrant Rob (Mar. 31), who fell ill and couldn’t make it — which seems like a good excuse to do it again sometime. Just saying.

We had decided last week that if the weather was nice, we’d escape the house and go bounce around SW Michigan for a bit, but it turned out that Friday was going to be the nicest day of the weekend — in the 80s and relatively sunny. I already had the day off, so Will managed to secure an off-day as well, and we headed north. There was much driving, good food, questionable drinks, delicious ice cream, laughing at bad music, and lounging on a beach. The water was frigid, as expected, and the waves were rolling, but the sand was warm and tossed stones (too choppy for skipping) still made a satisfying plunk. The wind was a little chillier there than it had been in St. Joe; you could see it skim the sand in waves whenever it passed over us. The sun was swallowed up by a thick bank of hazy pink and gray clouds as it set, but it was still pretty.

We didn’t get home until late, so there was no Libri Vidicos for me this week. I’m looking forward to finding out what troubles my fellow players stirred up in my absence. (It is their specialty …!) We did end up watching In the Mouth of Madness, though, which was part of his birthday present. Amusingly, the other part, the Kingsport expansion for Arkham Horror, has several encounters with a little old lady named Gladys Pickman — a familiar name from the movie (there’s a sweet old thing named Mrs. Pickman runs the hotel in the formerly fictional town of Hobb’s End in IMM).

Mom is hosting her Easter dinner today, since Middle Brother will be off celebrating with his girlfriend’s family tomorrow. And Will has his game tonight, so this evening I will be working on projects: dissertations and/or a website and/or re-doing the layout of Queen of Crows to accommodate a 6 x 9 trade size and/or a number of things that ought to be done around the house.

Right now, it is dreary and chilly and raining, and I only want to nap…