The green is finally showing … or is trying to, if the sky would just stop drowning it.

I’ve been sick since last Thursday, which made the long weekend mostly just long and boring and full of sleep. Today was my first day back at work to tackle lingering graduation deadlines, though I haven’t yet shaken the nasty cough.   So, I was pleased I managed to drag myself out of bed, skip breakfast, and make it to work on time for the shuttle … only to discover our pleasant bus driver waiting for me with his pleasant wave and cheerful call, “The bus is broken!”

Thus I began the half-mile trek from the parking lot to my building (yes, we’ve measured with a pedometer), coughing and dragging my sorry self along like the plague-bearing living dead I so closely resembled. By the way — there are zero zombie-proof buildings along that path, and a whole lot of college kids. For future reference. You know, in case we all wake up one day craving brain munchies.

Where was I? Right. Walking dead-ish. Now, normally I love the type of weather we had this morning — warm, muggy, a fine spring mist in the air. Beautiful driving weather, and perfectly fine for a 10-minute walk. Today, it felt like walking through asthma soup.

Actual conversation, upon arriving at the office:

Me: *coughcoughwheeze* /peel off too-warm jacket and collapse in a chair

Coworker Who Obviously Needs “A Favor”: Shari! I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Oh, did you do something with your hair?

Me: /blank, oxygen-deprived stare

CWONaF: It’s so cute and wavy!

Me: Ah. Yes, I have styled it with humidity and misery!

CWONaF: /confused laugh … slowly back away and decide, quite reasonably, to ask someone else for that “little favor” *

And then, I was informed the recommendation I needed to draft for a meeting on Thursday was now, in fact, due by 5 PM because the meeting had been changed to tomorrow while I was out. Also that I had an afternoon meeting with the dean. And I needed to proofread the doctoral section of the commencement program (three graduations’ worth of PhDs) by the end of the day. And oh, the templates for the annual reports and and my performance review were both due by Friday. And where was I on cataloging all the forms and processing payments and reviewing all the dissertations and theses that had been submitted?

There was more. I’ve just forgotten it all in the sweet, blessed embrace of NyQuil.

You see my point though. The day, to paraphrase internet muse John Allison, started off explodey and got explodier.  The situation obviously called for drastic measures.


Or maybe a red panda …? I’m flexible, here.


Yes, I did end up helping CWONaF. Because I am still the only person in the office who knows how to use Illustrator well enough to more or less recreate a file from a print example.  And despite my horrid antisocial leanings, I’m mostly a nice person when I’m not coughing up a lung and contemplating brain nibbles. Mostly.

2 Responses to “Sprung”

  1. Kaiju says:

    I’m not sure which is more cute, when the fox is awake or asleep.

  2. miakoda says:

    I know! They’re pretty much perfection with ginormous ears and tiny paws. And then there’s the red panda’s li’l pink tongue…

    They’re like little squee-pins for a stress balloon. Hard to maintain fury in the face of such cutness.

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