RoF and Faerie Magazine

From Warren Ellis:

So REALMS OF FANTASY died in ‘09 from lack of newsstand sales, and was bought by one of Warren Lapine’s new companies. Lapine, who ran a cheapo mini-empire of sf/f magazines that fell apart amid claims of financial impropriety, claims to have put more than USD $50K into the relaunch of the bi-monthly. And it died again a month or two back. And now it’s been bought again, by an operation called Damnation Press whose rep doesn’t survive even the most cursory of googlings. Tobias Buckell has collected a lot of them. If, for whatever confused reason, you’d like to submit your fiction to a magazine with the healthful glow of a 1970s Soviet premier, I would suggest you read Mr Buckell’s collation before making your mind up.

I was a huge RoF fan in its first incarnation. Less of a fan once I restarted my subscription with the second owner. I guess we’ll see what comes of this version.

Today I also discovered Faerie Magazine, via Heidi at SurLaLune. I’m tempted to subscribe just for her articles on fairy tales and folklore … and also because I do miss the heyday of RoF. It was always full of good stories, essays and art. /sigh

I’ve been following the SurLaLune blog for a while, now, and I have to say, Heidi usually offers some great tips and insight on new and upcoming books and media. (I also lust after their entire back catalog, and have for many years, now. Ah, to be rich…)

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